Taylor Mali shaping up


PowerhouseUniverse is so pleased to be working with the good people of Garden City to make this project a reality. Southwest Kansan’s are wiping off the dust from their old pictures of Truman Capote in the Windsor Hotel and getting ready for the dynamo Taylor Mali.

TIckets are being printed and posters will be up by the end of the week. Soon good people near you will have tickets in their hands for you to purchase! We are working non stop to make it possible to underwrite student scholars and to purchase tickets for yourself online. I’ll announce it locally and through social media just as soon as this becomes possible. Powerhouse is an amazing vision. It’s going global. this is just the beginning!

Big thanks to all of the wonderful folks in SW Kansas who are working to make this work. Many hands make this possible and many possibilities are coming out  of these conversations.

If know who Taylor is you should come. If you know nothing about Taylor Mali, you should come. If you have had the pleasure of seeing Taylor work his magic – you should come. Get your tickets today. If you want to know how just subscribe to this blog!

 taylors website

Click the link below to submit work for the generative workshop by Taylor Mali. We’re looking for the best and the brightest. You are bright. you are the best. submit today!

submit your work 

Nominate a poet /educator



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Young artists from Garden City at the InterUrban Arthouse in Kansas City

This is an exciting gallery show for students at Garden City Community College. Many of them have participated in one way or another with PowerHouse.

here is the “link”

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Taylor Mali is coming to Garden City


taylor mali

This is a big deal. Lets go ahead and call it a huge deal. If you appreciate the power of words, speech, poetry, performance.. any of that stuff than you will be amazed, inspired and entertained by Taylor Mali. Powerhouse Presents Taylor Mali at 10 AM on November 1st in the auditorium at Garden City Community College. There is no way for us to do justice to Taylor Mali’s infectious energy, his love of teaching, his witty, funny and amazing stage presence…Check out the these links to his work
website: taylor mali
Youtube: “What teachers make”
Ted Talk: “ted talk”

If you are interested in attending or helping promote this exciting happening in Southwest Kansas, please register for tickets and subscribe to Powerhouse Universe!


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Pow-Wow on the Front Porch

This is PowerHouse in Garden City, KS.  508 North 6th Street.

This is PowerHouse in Garden City, KS.
508 North 6th Street.

Last week a reporter from our town’s local newspaper came by to interview us about a project that’s been filling our heads and hearts and conversations since the end of January. Somehow seeing the project written about in print on the front page of the Southwest Life section of Saturday’s Garden City Telegram made it real to me. That’s how words work. They make things real.

Link to an article on PowerHouse in the Garden City Telegram.

This is a lovely article by Scott Aust featuring Powerhouse.

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Writing Workshop this Saturday



PowerHouse Universe is pleased to present a writing workshop by poet Brian Clifton and novelist/short-fiction writer Paige Lockhart. On Saturday, June 28th, 2014 from 10 a.m. until 3 in the afternoon, these authors from Kansas City will share their crafts and provide PowerHouse participants with inspiring tips of the trade.


Brian Clifton has a collection of sweat bees and starlings. He can totally jump that. In the case of rain, Brian Clifton burrows into the ground to wait it out. There are animal parts on his bookshelves. His work has earned recognition and prizes online and IRL. Some places include: Booth, Juked, PANK!, burntdistrict, The Laurel Review, The Boiler, Sprung Formal and other such journals.


Paige Lockhart holds a BA in English from The University of Missouri-Kansas City and will attend the MFA program at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville in the fall. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Bayou Magazine, Weave Magazine, and Number One, and she has work forthcoming in Bear Review.



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